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Features Modern Homes - Luxury Flats In Jaipur, Properties In Jaipur,
Features Modern Homes


Digital Help Desk (DHD) is an innovative endeveour from the developers of Harbinger Heights to provide its occupants with the most advanced technology to perform daily affairs. This technolgy is effective and easy to use with simple user interface. Imagine paying your electricity bill while sitting in your living room or for that matter booking an evening show of the latest block buster.

Hi tech luxury made affordable

Harbinger Heights marks a new definition of smart and intelligent homes bringing hi tech luxury at an affordable price. These homes are an extension of a vision for India to become the best of knowledge based society in the world.

Its not merely an expression of smart homes but a home that aims to make you productive and efficient by saving your valuable time.

Harbinger Heights also boasts of a provision * for a complete digital home solutions. It is a computer based control system for electrical appliances and security gadgets. An easier way to explain this facility would be like being able to switch on/off home lights/gadgets while sitting in your office or some other place.


* the above is provision only, the customer would be required to pay additional amount for the required gadgets and accesories.

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